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Demonstrated Return on Investment (ROI)

In business, the "bottom line" means more than financial success. In today's changing economy, more than ever, success depends on resilient, motivated, productive employees.

"For every dollar invested in an EAP, employers usually save anywhere from $5 to $16."
- US Department of Labor

We believe it is essential to measure and report how our services contribute to your overall business goals. To support this belief, we have chosen to adopt the EAP Value Pyramid model as a way of measuring many of our contributions to your organization.

Health claims

The Health Claims component represents the estimated savings from eliminating costs of medical claims and further behavioral treatment, as a result of services provided by our EAP counselors.

Human capital

The Human Capital component represents estimated savings based on the avoidance of unscheduled time off for employees, the cost of less than full effort while employees are on the job (presenteeism) and the costs to replace employees when they're not meeting job expectations.


The Organizational component represents the value of EAP services that are delivered at the organizational level and includes such activities as educational programs and trainings, crisis services, and management consultations.

Real results...

A recent impact analysis for a client company demonstrated within one year:

  • A savings of more than $7,000 for cases resolved within the EAP, avoiding referral into billable treatment, and 
  • Potential turnover savings in excess of $428,000 resulting from 20 formal supervisory referrals to the EAP and the subsequent retention of all 20 employees

The company's annual investment in EAP was just over $12,000.