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Service Quality

EAP service qualityCredentialing and training

  • Aurora EAP requires potential EAP counselors to submit the following:
    • Current copies of their degree(s)
    • Licensure(s) or certification(s)
    • Malpractice insurance
    • An application to be considered for EAP counselor status
  • All EAP counselors are required to have a Masters degree in behavioral health, experience in EAP services and at least 5 years of experience in a behavioral health setting.
  • Staff members are also required to participate in continuing education.

Customer follow-up

  • With permission, Aurora EAP follows up with clients to determine if they have made progress, connected with their referral or have additional needs.
  • If a client is in need of additional information or service, we will assist them either by phone or in-person.
  • If they have not connected or have a concern about the referral, the EAP counselor will assist them in resolving the matter.
  • We request outcome data to determine if there is any improvement in the clients productivity, relationships at work and personal life.

Individual customer satisfaction

  • Aurora EAP requests that clients complete a confidential survey to measure satisfaction.
  • The survey measures the clients satisfaction with their EAP counselor, with any referral(s) and with the EAP in general.
  • We track satisfaction results in aggregate and by provider.
  • EAP counselors are given feedback on their individual customer satisfaction ratings as well as an overall rating for all Aurora EAP services.
  • Plans for quality improvement are developed for the department, service team and with the EAP counselor if quality concerns arise.

Complaint/compliment response

  • Specific complaints and compliments are received by:
    • Phone
    • Letter
    • Customer satisfaction survey
  • We resolve all complaints immediately with the employee.
    • If that cannot be done, we will notify the employee that we will investigate the complaint and get back to them with a resolution within five (5) working days.
  • Complaints are reviewed with the Manager, Clinical Services to determine that the issue was resolved to the customer's satisfaction and within the proper time frames.
  • Complaints and compliment trends are discussed within team meetings and used to evaluate and improve customer service.
  • A plan for quality improvement is developed with the EAP counselor following any complaint.
    • If quality improvement issues are not addressed or continue, we will terminate the employment contract with that counselor.
    • Any ethical concerns are cause for immediate termination of our contract with an EAP counselor.

Clinical record review

  • Aurora EAP does peer review of EAP clinical paperwork for clinical appropriateness.
  • Quality concerns may prompt a plan for improvement that includes specific steps an EAP counselor must take to improve the quality of service.
    • If quality improvement issues are not addressed or continue, the EAP counselor contract will be terminated.

Quality studies

  • For key customer service processes, standards of service are identified and then monitored for quality.
  • Studies provide objective data and an opportunity to improve processes, improve service, and measure effectiveness.