Keep employees healthy

It's the key to productivity and retention. It also helps manage your costs. Besides, it's the right thing to do.

  • Aurora QuickCare at your workplace
    An Aurora QuickCare Clinic on-site is a fast, convenient means of diagnosing and treating the everyday health concerns experienced by your employees.
  • Aurora Vision Center Corporate Discount Program
    Aurora Vision Center offers a corporate discount program free of charge to meet the needs of Wisconsin business and industry
  • Aurora Vision Center Safety Eyeglass Program
    Aurora Vision Center can help in assisting your employees with fitting, dispensing, and ordering of safety glasses
  • Behavioral health services
    A comprehensive provider network and care management program for the behavioral health needs of the employee
  • Classes & events
    A full array of classes and events designed to help people manage their health, many of them free
  • Complementary medicine
    Providing unique health care options increasingly utilized by today's employees such as massage and acupuncture, including wellness programs and services at your location(s)
  • Disease management
    You and your employees benefit from enhanced accessibility, improved quality of care, and reduced costs for the treatment of chronic diseases like asthma and cancer
  • Drug screening
    Drug and alcohol screening services based on federal regulations; programs designed to assist you in providing for a drug-free workplace or to meet DOT or FAA requirements; pre-placement, reasonable cause, post accident or random testing programs
  • Employee Assistance Program
    Confidential, quality services to help employees and their families successfully meet home and workplace challenges
  • Employee physicals
    Pre-placement and periodic physical examinations to assess the abilities of employees to perform their job safely
  • Employer clinics
    Aurora will partner with you to provide the services necessary to meet the specific needs of your company and your employees
  • Employer-sponsored clinics
    Bringing health care to the workplace is a sound prescription for both employers and employees and their families.
  • Executive health
    Our program of care and services is designed to meet the demanding lifestyle of executives, business leaders and other discerning and active individuals.
  • Get Moving (exercise program)
    Moderate physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, lower back pain and even some forms of cancer
  • Health-Link (telephonic support program)
    A better way for you to manage the health care of employees through telephonic disease management, 24/7 nurse line and availability of experts to answer health questions
  • Medical surveillance
    A wide variety of programs that help meet the requirements of federal and state workplace regulations
  • Occupational Health
    Assists businesses in preventing and managing on-site work injuries in ways that minimize worker's compensation expenses
  • Occupational Health site services
    On-site nurses specially trained on the specific health and business needs of employers, under the direction of an occupational medicine physician
  • Shoo the Flu (flu shots)
    Our annual flu clinics, some of which we may be able to offer at your location
  • Total Health (health risk assessments & screenings)
    We help control health care costs by improving employee health and increasing educated use of the health care system