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Occupational Health, Rehab and Workers' Compensation

Aurora Occupational Health's business is to take care of employers and their employees. Our patient-centered approach makes sure that employees who become injured or ill from work-related events are treated with best practices, their care is managed effectively and they are returned to work as quickly and safely as possible. We believe that a team approach with the employee, employer and the provider leads to the best outcome.

We help employers hire and keep a healthy and safe workforce. Our pre-placement physicals, drug screens and ADA-compliant functional job testing ensure you hire the right candidate. Specialized occupational health providers and sales staff will help you understand and comply with OSHA, DOT and CDC regulations.

We have 19 sites dedicated to occupational health services. Our providers are certified in DOT exams and all of our technicians are certified in drug screen collections, breath alcohol testing, spirometry and hearing screening. Our case managers are registered nurses.

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