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Aurora Occupational Health

Aurora Occupational Health assists businesses in preventing and managing on-site work injuries in ways that minimize workers' compensation expenses.

The economic impact of work-related illness and injuries remains a constant threat to your bottom line. We work with employers to aggressively target both medical and sick leave expenses through a coordinated approach.

Our goal is to prevent accidents. When accidents do occur, we apply a return-to-work plan to the treatment process.

We offer the most comprehensive occupational health network in Wisconsin, with services and workplace solutions located near businesses.

mapOur services include:

In addition, we offer a computerized database to track injuries, treatment and other conditions. These databases generate reports that alert our clients to potential workplace safety issues and trends before they become major problems.

Our established relationships with workers' compensation insurers serving Wisconsin businesses ensure administrative ease and positive outcomes.

For information, please call toll-free (877) 765-3213.