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Injury management services

hardhatThe economic impact of work- related injuries and illnesses on today's businesses continues to grow. The economic effects are not only a result of direct costs, such as insurance premiums and medical expenses, but also a result of indirect costs such as lost workdays, replacement workers, decreased productivity, retraining and decreased morale.

Aurora Health Care provides care of work-related injuries by health care professionals with experience in treating such injuries and who have a working knowledge of local employers and their needs. Aurora Health Care's philosophy is to manage the injury from the first visit through discharge. In addition to the medical care provided, each workers compensation case has a telephonic case manager monitoring the case. A telephonic case manager facilitates return to work status progress by managing the case internally, ensuring appointments are kept and the employer is notified of any missed appointments.

By utilizing Aurora Health Care for the care of your workers you will ensure appropriate care, good communication between you and the medical provider, accurate reporting and a return to duty status in the safest, healthiest manner possible.

Another component of work injury care in today's world is post accident drug and alcohol testing. Our staff is also trained to perform accurate post accident drug screening and breath alcohol testing per your company policy.

Field case management

Field case management gives the employer, medical provider and workers' compensation insurance carrier current information to assist in the decision-making process. Field case management entails working 1-on-1 with the employee to facilitate a transition from injury to full return to work in a safe and cost effective manager. The field case managers also are in communication with Aurora's internal telephonic case managers, if needed.

Case management for worker's compensation

Case management services assist employers in decreasing worker's compensation and health care costs.

For more information about Occupational Health Case Management and Worker's Compensation, call Aurora Occupational Health Services at (877) 765-3213.