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Medical examinations

Physical examinations

Employers are requiring pre-placement and periodic physical examinations to assess the capabilities of their employees and/or applicants to perform the essential functions of their job safely, with minimal risk to that employee or to other employees in their facility.

Pre-placement functional testing

Functional testing is performed during pre-placement physical exams. These assist employers in placing employees in jobs that are physically suitable for them. These customized screenings will help bring your organization into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and minimize the potential cost of work-related injuries.

Medical surveillance/screening programs

Aurora Occupational Health Services has developed a wide variety of programs that help meet the requirements of federal and state workplace regulations.

Special examinations

We are here to help you find acceptable and safe solutions for your employees in unique situations. Our specialists can provide written reports and opinions relating to an employee's ability to return to work safely, excessive absenteeism related to injury, repetitive motion or a variety of other situations.