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Special evaluations and consultations

Helping you provide acceptable and safe solutions for your employees in unique situations. Aurora Occupational Health Care offers a variety of specialized evaluations. Whether you want to ensure the safety of an employee that is returning to work following an absence to consulting services to determine if an employee is able to meet the job demands, specialized evaluations provide a personalized approach to occupational medicine.

Below are just a few of the services that we can provide.

Fitness for Duty examinations are performed on employees returning to work after an illness or injury. These examinations are particularly helpful in situations where employees perform safety sensitive functions. The occupational medicine physician provides an objective, well-documented report, which accurately characterizes the individual's physical limitations, then compares those impairments to the relevant aspects of the job, providing an expert opinion defending the employer's decision.

Excessive work restrictions: In situations where an employee's long-term restrictions prevent the employer from being able to utilize the employee in a productive manner. An evaluation by an occupational medicine physician, at times coupled with a functional capacity examination with specific job tasks being simulated, can objectively document the employee's restrictions. The employer is provided an objective assessment of the employee's ability to perform those tasks.

Excessive work absence examinations can be helpful when an employer can accommodate an employee's physical limitations, but the employee chooses to remain off of work. An independent examination by an occupational medicine physician can objectively measure the individual's physical limitations. At the end of this examination, the employer will not only have an objective assessment of the employee's physical abilities, but will also receive an opinion regarding the employee's ability to perform the specific jobs in question.

Causation in cumulative trauma disorders: The key factor in determination of causation is not the physical assessment, but rather the analysis of the agronomical stressors an individual performs. The occupational medicine physician performs an ergonomic and workplace assessment, observing tasks performed, coupled by a careful examination of the employee. At the conclusion of this assessment, the occupational medicine physician provides an objective, well-documented report, frequently including references from the ergonomic literature, which substantiate their conclusions.