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Telephonic Case Management

Why does this program work?

Telephonic Case Management works because the employers are able to contact the staff with their concerns, questions or if they need information. Telephonic Case Management facilitates return to work status progress by managing the case internally, ensuring appointments are kept and the employer is notified of any missed appointments.

Is that all it does?

No, Telephonic Case Management is staffed by Registered Nurses who have experience in meeting the needs of the patient, the provider and the employer. That is what makes this program different. The employer is able to work with medical staff to ensure their needs are being met and their employee is return to work in the safest, healthiest manner possible.

Why is this good news for employers?

Telephonic Case Management is a complimentary service assisting employers in curbing their workers compensation costs by managing a case and preventing it from going nowhere for long periods of time. Telephonic Case Management also works to get the injured employee back to work as soon as medically reasonable. That helps employers with their production cost.

How does Telephonic Case Management differ from Field Case Management?

Telephonic Case Management works with and will recommend the hiring of an External Case Manager for those cases that are often times difficult, patient is noncompliant with medical care or the employer has a need that is beyond the scope of their workers compensation carrier. External Case Management is a paid service that meets with the patient and works with the patient and the employer to create a treatment plans that will return the injured worker to the work force in a timely manner. External Case Managers also provides the employer and the insurance company with a detailed report regarding the client's status and progress for medical report purposes.