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Aurora Health-Link

Helping employees navigate health care

Maintaining a strong work force can be challenging in today's competitive marketplace. How do you retain good employees while being fair to the company's bottom line? After all, you want to offer your employees the benefits they need and deserve, but access to quality health care can be expensive.

Health-Link provides a 24-hour toll free number that employees can use to access health care professionals. These professionals help employees make health care decisions during difficult times, helping them select the most appropriate and cost-effective health care alternatives.

This program offers a single source for a 24-hour nurse line, health and lifestyle management, health information, physician referral and preventive health.

Aurora provides:

  • Introductory employee mailings
  • Welcome calls
  • Quarterly employee communications
  • On-site promotions & promotion materials
  • Newsletters
  • Comprehensive utilization reporting each quarter

The unparalleled credibility of Aurora Health Care

  • Staffed by registered nurses with an average of 19 years experience
  • Information used is reviewed and approved by Aurora physicians and nurses
  • Access to extensive Aurora Health Care resources and expertise not available elsewhere

A valuable benefit that helps control health care costs

  • Easy, direct access to reliable health information that can reduce unnecessary visits to emergency rooms or primary care physicians
  • Employees are reassured when a health care issue arises
  • Helps protect the health of your employees by providing immediate information and guidance
  • Employees get self-care advice to help them safely manage their own health, and advice on when to seek medical care

Services to meet every company's need

  • 24-hour nurse health line: Symptom-based clinical assessment guidelines are used to assess medical conditions, as well as provide basic health care information. Follow-up calls are offered for all self-care treatment.
  • Physician referral: Help your employees find a doctor within your preferred provider listing and convenient to their home or office.
  • Disease management: If an employee has been diagnosed with a medical condition and needs support, our registered nurses are available to help them manage their disease. We can help manage diseases such as asthma and diabetes or support employees in their efforts to quit smoking.
  • Health and lifestyle management: Employees can call regarding any health question or topic, day or night. Our nurses can provide the information needed.
  • Prescription information: Questions regarding side effects, missed doses or interactions with other drugs can be answered.
  • Health risk appraisal results support: Registered nurses provide answers to questions regarding general results, provide disease-specific information, general wellness and prevention guidelines and counseling to help achieve individual goals.
  • Access to Aurora services:Includes senior care, visiting nurses, laboratory services, pharmacy and mammogram sites.