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Aurora Employer Solutions offers a full range of services to help you maintain and improve the health and wellness of your employee population. We'll match your unique needs to our portfolio of innovative products and services. Then we'll partner with you to implement a solution that's right for you, your employees and your bottom line.
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Accountable Care

We’ve demonstrated that the rate of growth of health care costs can be slowed by coordinating care in a fully integrated medical system committed to continuous clinical improvement. We’ve helped employers slow the growth of their health care costs and keep their trend significantly below the state and national averages.

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The Aurora EAP is a comprehensive, stand-alone EAP that offers a wide array of benefits to both employees and organizations alike.  Our team of counselors and work/life specialists will provide confidential assistance to employees and their families to help address life’s common, yet challenging stressors; while dedicated, masters-prepared account executives will serve the unique needs of employers at an organizational level.  This two-tiered approach assures seamless service across all levels of an organization.

A healthier workforce is more productive and can help reduce health care costs. The Employer Clinic provides primary and preventive care services to employees at the workplace through access to an advanced practice provider.

A well workplace is a better, more productive workplace. We offer a variety of comprehensive work-site wellness strategies that will meet your employees’ needs, produce results and help lower health care costs.

The health of your employees directly affects the health of your business. That’s why Aurora Occupational Health Services offers comprehensive program to prevent problems, manage outcomes, comply with regulations and ensure the continuing good health and productivity of your employees. The result is innovative solutions for a healthier, safe workforce and increased productivity for your business.

Hiring and retaining top talent is an important part of your business. The Aurora Executive Health Program offers your top management a premier, customized health care experience.