Executive Health Services

Hiring and retaining top talent

is an important part of your business. Our Aurora Executive Physical Program is an investment with some of the greatest returns – protecting the health of your top-line management.

The Executive Physical Program offers your top management a premier customized health care experience:

Medical Evaluation

Each key executive receives a thorough physical examination. This includes a general medical evaluation for the early identification of potentially serious health problems that can save the company both time away from work and expensive health claims.

Diagnostic Testing

We conduct comprehensive diagnostic testing – including blood, urine, EKG and stress tests – to assess for chronic diseases.

Risk Factor Assessment

Aurora’s team of health care professionals, including a physician and a nurse practitioner, will evaluate the results of the executive’s assessment, identifying high-risk areas and making recommendations for a customized personal care plan.

Lifestyle Management

The physician will discuss with the executive lifestyle risk factors that can be altered for better health. When appropriate, an exercise physiologist and/or registered dietitian will assist executives in achieving the recommended changes.
Your leaders will receive a written report of medical findings, identifying areas for lifestyle improvements and providing instructions for follow-up.